To Purchase Copies of films by Dawn Skwersky

Film Length Language Price Shipping/Handling Total
Someone She Loved 12 minutes American Sign Language; specify if you want the English subtitled or unsubtitled version #19.95 $4.00 $23.95
He Says, She Signs 10 minutes Spoken English and American Sign Language; only unsubtitled version available now $19.95 $4.00 $23.95
Look at Me So I Can Hear You 5 minutes Silent $19.95 $4.00 $23.95
Special with all three on one tape 27 - 30 minutes $35.00 $4.00 $39.00

Please make checks out to:

Dawn Skwersky
Word of Hand Productions
1566 N. Morningside Drive NE, Apt A
Atlanta, GA 30306

You may fax orders, please email for details.

Credit card purchasing available!

For more information e-mail me at

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