Dawn, you are among the leaders on this campus whose personal challenges and triumphs have shaped your commitment to Mount Holyoke College. In all of your service and leadership, the common theme has been your desire to teach and to learn how we can most effectively communicate with one another. You have earned a reputation for challenging this community to a higher awareness of the culture of deafness through your example, enthusiasm and patient guidance. You have successfully blended your convictions with a commitment to the whole college community and have made a lasting contribution to our collective understanding of what we mean by "talking" to each other.
Written and presented to me by Mount Holyoke College President,
Elizabeth Kennan,
January Convocation 1991.

My personal goal remains to continue to strive for the best possible communication between deaf and hearing people by working together. The best way to facilitate communication is through interaction. The more contact hearing people have with me, the more relaxed and comfortable they feel among deaf people.

My professional goal is to create and foster programs that educate as well as entertain audiences about Deaf people and their culture. Since my sophomore year at Mount Holyoke College, I have promoted awareness by setting up lectures, performances, ice-breaking events. Since I started at Boston University, I have been channeling awareness through my film projects.

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