Film Production

Word of Hand Productions is led by Dawn Skwersky. Dawn Skwersky received her M.S. degree in Film Production from Boston University. Her thesis film, Someone She Loved is still being shown internationally in film festivals. It most recently was shown in Hiroshima, Japan and in Brno, Czech Republic.

Dawn's films educate as well as entertain audiences about Deaf Culture, American Sign Language, and what it is like to be Deaf.

Someone She Loved is the story about a deaf couple and how their love relationship turns to one of violence. This film is based on personal experiences.

He Says, She Signsis the story about the relationship between a Deaf girl and a hearing boy. The relationship is followed to see if it works out.

Look at Me So I Can Hear You tries to capture on film what it feels to be the only Deaf person in the family and in school.

Dawn writes, directs, produces, and edits her own 16mm films. She is a member of the IATSE 600 as a Camera Assistant for major motion picture films. She works with both 16mm and 35mm film cameras.

See photos from the making of Someone She Loved

See photos from the making of He Says, She Signs

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